Giving Away Unwanted Items Can Make your Move Easier

A house move does not mean that you have to move everything in the house. You can select and remove what you do not need to take to the new premises. Man and van London services often provide packaging services which can make your shifting more comfortable. Nonetheless, getting rid of unwanted items before the move can help you cut down on packing costs and make your move more stress free.


You can give away old dishes that you do not need. When the time comes to move out, you can get started with packing your stuff accumulated over the years. Everything that has not been used in past 6 months or a year, not used often or has become useless can be thrown away. If you and your family are the ones packing, you should begin packing at least two weeks before the day of the move.


Do not store a bit of everything and it is best to pack room by room, you should number the boxes and also put a special color for distinguish them from other room boxes. Remember to take the inventory of each box. Identify each box with color and mark boxes with delicate items as "Fragile". For heavier items like books, use small boxes that can be carried or moved easily.


The dishes should be packed separately and carefully. You should pack them in bubble wrap and place them inside the box vertically. Also use adhesive tapes for sealing boxes and do not use it directly on the furniture.

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